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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

KNEAD ME MASSAGE & WELLNESS advises best practice for the safety of ALL our clients.

Following advice & guidelines given by HM Government & the NHS regarding the

CORONAVIRUS. Should you have travelled to affected areas or believe that you have been in contact with the COVID-19 virus, please cancel your appointment with us, seek help, stay safe and focus on getting better. We will happily reschedule your appointment and waiver our 48hr cancellation notice period.

Best in health & wellness,

The KNEAD ME Team.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance

All current coronavirus guidance produced by HM Government for health professionals

and non-clinical settings.

Travel advice: coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance for British people travelling and living overseas following the outbreak of

coronavirus (COVID-19).

COVID-19: specified countries and areas

Countries and specified areas affected by COVID-19 with implications for returning

travellers or visitors arriving in the UK.

NHS information: coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHS information about how coronavirus is spread and how to avoid catching or spreading germs.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) action plan

What the health and social care system across the UK has done to tackle the

coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and what it plans to do next.

Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and risk in the UK

Find out the number of cases and risk level in the UK, what to do if you’re a returning traveller,

and what the government is doing about the virus.

            What are the coronavirus symptoms, and should I stay away?

  • The early symptoms can easily be confused with other winter bugs including colds and flu.
  • Coronavirus infects the lungs. The symptoms start with a fever followed by a dry cough.
  • After a week, it can lead to shortness of breath and some people need hospital treatment.
  • The incubation period - between infection and showing symptoms - lasts up to 14 days – (from WHO)
  • People will be most infectious when they have symptoms.


When you need to be kneaded

Ferhat Durmusoglu

Qualified & Certified Massage Therapist since 1999

Turkish Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Registered member of CNHC / Qualification verified by MTI, UK

(accredited as the leading bodies in complimentary & natural healthcare,

enforcing quality standards & regulations in the UK)